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Tracy Clarke

Tracy-Lee Clarke

Diploma of Management

Founder and owner T-Lee Designs

My Story

I LOVE creating, designing and building things; websites, print and marketing bits, eBooks, logos, charts, media posts... you name it! I allow my projects and designs to speak for themselves and have a very strong focus on an easy and enjoyable build process, that is affordable for start ups, established and growing businesses alike.


My focus is on you receiving a finished product that you will LOVE, that is also beautiful, functional, AND fulfils your needs, your wants and your dreams.

It is when I am creating that I feel most aligned and connected with my life purpose. I have always been the first to put a hand up when it comes to designing something, building something or coming up with a system or process to do something better, easier or more efficiently.

T-Lee Designs was brought about by my passion to help showcase others. I want to help you find clarity and focus with what is going to work best for you and your business. Every design is unique to your business brand and is built with love and attention to detail with a super strong focus on an easy to mange website and behind the scenes processing so that you can understand and utilise as much (or as little) of the finished product as you would like to.


f you feel like we could create something you'll REALLY love - let's connect.

Let's Connect

Book a FREE initial consult to discuss your web or print design needs, ideas, style and budget. 

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