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After a discussion about your needs and wants, colours, fonts and images, we come back to you with a number of different designs to choose from and don't stop until you have one you love.

The Reason

It all starts here

Your logo is the face of your business, it is your point of identification to your audience. You want it to be clear, recognisable and aesthetically pleasing. A properly designed logo helps set your style and sets up an expectation, of sorts, for your potential clients and customers. Having a logo validates the professionalism of your business. We work with you to build something that aligns with your niche and is appropriate to your business industry. To be clear, a logo and a website are NOT branding - that is a whole other kettle of fish. BUT, they are definitely connected. Branding is the strategy you use and the action you take to build your business or brand. The designs items are simply the tangible tools of expression for this to take place (logo, website, colours, fonts etc).

Your logo is an asset. It needs to represent your business and get your message and impression across. We want it to be something you LOVE as you will be looking at it a LOT!

The Process


Ideas & Inspiration

Let's connect. We can have a call, or just send through an email request to get started; include details about your business, your vision and upload any files of images, graphics, or other logos you love.



Depending on your vision and budget, we begin with either 8 or 20 different designs for you to choose from. We then narrow these down to a design we know you will love. Sometimes less is more, sometimes you need some sparks of inspiration.



Once the initial design is chosen by you we will refine, continue to work together and keep refining until you have your ultimate logo vision and have created something you LOVE.


Finished Files & Support

We supply you with all the necessary files (vector and raster) for you to take your logo and fly. Transparent backgrounds can also be included as well as animated logos (optional extra). We always include a design guide sheet with specs, colour and font information.

The Price


8 unique designs

  • 8 initial designs to start

  • font files included

  • unlimited file type and colour combinations on final design

  • design spec sheet; colours, fonts & graphics


20 unique designs

  • 20 initial designs to start

  • font files included

  • unlimited file type and colour combinations on final design

  • design spec sheet; colours, fonts & graphics


Animated Logo

  • optional extra to include an animated design element to your logo

Our fixed fees for our logo design process include future support and file type alterations at no further cost. This means, that if you need a different colour background, file time, colour change, we are happy to do this for you whenever you need. *This is for original logos designed by T Lee Designs and only applies to colour, background, file type or size changes. This does not apply to graphic or typeface changes or other major style changes.

We have found that when we start with a number of different initial logo designs, it can help you become really clear on what you like and what you don't - so that there are no gaps in the process and we refine the final design perfectly to your business needs and wants.

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