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Social Media Templates

Take the design hassle out of your social media schedule. Allow us to create a range of quality, unique, on point posts, stories and covers. Facebook, Instagram, full content creation or templates.

The Reason

Keep your socials on point

With what we have seen online in the past few years it seems that social media is less about the 'social' and more about the the 'media' each day (and the $). Promotional paid posts are now something you see every three or four posts in your feed. However, there is no doubt that it is still obvious that social media is a part of business. This comes with understanding where your potential customers and clients are, and then, being able to get (and hold) their attention. It is very likely that this will be through being on and engaging through one (or many) of the 'big players' on socials.

T Lee Designs can help you work out what your needs, wants and uses for social media are. We will provide you with a unique array of social media templates fully branded for your business. You then have the option of editing and reusing these yourself as you need to, or taking advantage of an ongoing design package and letting us do it all for you.

The Process


Needs & Wants

We will discuss your style and requirements, you can choose from one social media type, or combinations as you need them. Your content or let us write it for you.


Style Design

We will design three different themes and styles for you to choose from. Each one is created unique for your business and with your ideal client in mind.


Refine & Creation

We will refine your chosen style and create templated posts and stories with a focus on valuable information and engagement with your customers. This can include written content creation if required.


Implementation & Support

Depending on your needs and budget, we can put together a monthly post schedule for you to work through and engage with your audience as you need, or we provide you with the finished post templates with instructions on how to edit as you need.

The Price

$330 one off


  • Facebook & Instagram

  • 25 base templates

  • 10 stories

  • 15 posts

  • Or choose your preferred combo

  • Facebook cover pages or Instagram highlights

  • Unique designs, fullly branded

  • Editable templates ready for your custom business content

$680 per month

Content Creation

  • Initial post design

  • Calendar schedule of posts per month

  • 30 posts per month

  • Combination of stories and posts as needed

  • Includes written content

  • Variety of interactive post styles and designs to prompt engagement

POA - Retainer

Need More?

  • Customised to your needs

  • Hourly rate available

  • Content design

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic creation

  • Blogs / Newsletters

A consistent and universal look on social media accounts isn't as vital as it once was - there has been a definite recent shift towards the imperfect (i.e. the real) which is great to see! BUT, depending on your type of business, or personal style it may be conducive to create a series of branded templates to stylize your feed and give your potential clients and customers a notion of what to expect from you and your business.

Our social media templates include design and placeholders for you to simply add in your own text and pictures as they suit your business. All template packages also include post prompt ideas specific to your business type so you will always have a quick and easy post idea on hand that is going to be relevant and engaging. We can also help with;

  • Podcast covers

  • Blog templates

  • Infographics

  • Newsletter templates

  • eBook conversions

  • YouTube page covers

  • Pinterest post templates

  • anything else you can thing of that needs a specifically branded or formatted image

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