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Print Design

Choose from our range of print design services; brochures, thank you cards, postcards, flyers, labels, eBooks and more. Print them yourself, or let us arrange it for you.

The Reason

Getting the word out there

If you are looking for beautifully custom designed thank you cards, invitations, brochures, product labels, eBooks or... (fill in the blank!) T Lee Designs can help you stand out and get your important message across. The same design process applies for all of our print designs, we don't stop until you have something you LOVE.

Once the design has been finalised you have the option of taking the files to source your own printing, or we can arrange that for you too.

The Process


Needs & Wants

Let's discuss your ideas, your budget and your vision. It may be one design piece, or you may like to package them into a design bundle. We will help you get clear on what you need.


Quote & Approval

Decide on whether you would like us to handle printing, or if you will be sourcing yourself. We will provide you with an itemised quote for your perusal and approval.


Design & Refine

The fun part starts. We will begin the design process and keep you in the loop the entire process. Depending on your printing design needs we may provide you with up to three design options to begin with. We will continue to work back and forth to refine your design until you have something you love.


Printing & Product Delivery

If we are printing, sit back and leave it to us. Lead time of approximately 1-2 weeks (including delivery) - after final design has been approved. If you are sourcing this yourself, all necessary files will be provide and if additional file types are required, these are available at no additional cost.

The Price


Design Only

  • fixed fee design price

  • printing and delivery extra

  • range of products available; brochures / postcards / thank you cards / one page handouts

from $550

Project Rate

  • suitable for bigger, one off projects

  • design 'set' or combinations of different print items

  • printing available, or source your own

  • eBooks

  • Wedding sets

  • Event sets

$88 per hour

Hourly Rate

  • pay for the time you need

  • printing available, or source your own

  • suitable for smaller, one off projects

A sample of the types of Print Design you may be interested in;

  • Stickers and labels

    • Circle

    • Oval

    • Rectangle

    • Square

  • Notebooks

  • Folded Cards

  • Invitations & Cards

    • Portrait

    • Square

  • Flyers

  • Postcards

  • eBooks

Further information, dimensions and printing costs available upon request.

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