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Jess Symons

Website design & build, logo, business cards.

Jess from Jess Symons Equine Therapies was looking for someone to design and build her website that represented the energy and fun that Jess brings to her equine therapies and natural shoeing business.

Jess services the local Coffs Coast area and wanted her clients and customers to be able to easily view and book her services online.

We worked with Jess through the entire setup of her business, domain registration, email setup, Google My Business setup, social links and SEO and have linked it all back to her website.

The logo was developed with a sense of fun and vitality with the colour scheme that screams 'Jess', with an added sense of simplicity to make it relatable and inviting. The horse head facing forwards reflects a sense of connection, honesty and a flow of energy unseen. The natural hoof in the name brings a practical and earthly essence which reflects the brand's nature and values.

Jess Symons (2).gif
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